Sustainable Sugarcane Farming Systems

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Intelligentsia International, together with University of Florida and Edison State College, U.S. Department of Energy have created the Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Center. Mission of the new project is to initiate research, development, and education programs related to biofuels, biomass farming and fuel conversion systems.

The objective of this assignment is to propose an alternative, sustainable sugarcane farming system for south Florida. This new system should aim to provide multiple benefits, to balance various economic, social and ecological needs, address water storage, water flow, water quality, biodiversity, soil subsidence, carbon emissions, and biofuel production.


List of main tasks: (specific task assignments are tailored to student's area of study)

Research existing sugarcane farming systems;
Develop an alternative, sustainable sugarcane farming system;
Perform field research on new sugarcane varieties;
Analyze sugarcane ethanol life cycle (greenhouse gas emissions, water use, nutrient balance, etc.);
Create and maintain related web sites and databases;
Compare different sugarcane cultivation practices and different biomass-ethanol conversion technologies;
Investigate land use implications of biofuels;
Develop various public information and education campaigns;
Deliver strategic proposals to real and potential partners.


Program for Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Economics, Journalism and other students

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