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The TJac Educational Consulting Group is committed to Taking Jesus Across Communities through the provision of Educational Services to churches, school districts and licensed child care facilities. Services provided include educational consulting, training, employment placement, curriculum, proposal and grant development, and direct educational services. All services are provided in face-to-face or distance learning modules.


- Return all phone calls for Applicants to ensure all guidelines are clear and understandable
- Provide support for all potential applicants experiencing any difficulty
- Fax, email, or land mail application packets for completion and return within 5 business days
- Conduct face-to-face application sessions at central locations
- Conduct telephone reference checks
- Complete criminal background checks on all applicants


- Must possess a spotless Criminal Background
- Must excel in the use of all Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Outlook, etc.)
- Must excel in sending and receiving emails and faxes
- Must exhibit patience when teaching applicants how to send and receive emails and faxes
- Must be at least a Junior in an accredited College or University
- Must have excellent communication skills
- Must be an independent team player
- Must be able to work well with Team Members and Program Applicants

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