Tech Teaching Assistant

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Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter School
25 Clinton St
Framingham, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Do you love teaching and learning?

Are you open to reflecting on your practice and talking about ways to make learning more engaging and effective for you and your students?

Do you truly love working with middle schoolers?

Can you imagine working one-on-one with students or leading small groups? To immerse yourself in their classroom environment and help students learn how to better use technology to learn, organize, and share their ideas?

Do you aspire to join a community of educators fully committed to all students learning and achieving while grappling with relevant issues we face in our world?

If you answered “YES” to many or all of these questions, you MUST read further, because McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School could be just the right school for you!

As indicated above, McAuliffe teachers are all about student achievement, engagement, and understanding. We teach through a model called Expeditionary Learning which means that we teach skills and concepts named in state standards through the context of compelling real-world investigations. Here are some examples:

Students learn about ratios by investigating the way gear-ratios work on a bike, they learn about ecology concepts by investigating the history of beavers and deer in Massachusetts, and they learn about decomposition and soil nutrient data analysis through the context of organic gardening and compost piles. Our curriculum is ever-adjusting depending on what our teachers are passionate about and what is going on locally, nationally, and globally. See for more information on Expeditionary Learning as this quick description is just the tip of the iceberg!

McAuliffe Regional is a middle school and so everything that we do in our school is intended to meet the needs of students in their early adolescents. This means that you must be someone who finds sixth, seventh, and eighth graders much more entertaining than aggravating! You must be compassionate, have the ability to develop meaningful connections with students, have strong classroom management skills, and feel confident in your ability to create a psychologically safe classroom culture in which individuals are respected and valued for what they bring to the group. We are looking to bring on a teaching assistant with a strong focus in technology, who values the idea that we are all, students and staff, are always learning, reflecting, and growing.

To learn further about McAuliffe, please visit our website, or find the school on Facebook.


- Work with individual students or small groups to teach them how to use technology to support and share their ideas.
- Support classroom teachers, by providing tech instruction/support, in their normal daily lessons.
- Work with teachers and teams to build technology instruction and learning into their lessons and unit plans.


– Have excellent communication skills to deliver and present learning effectively
– Teaching experience and/or working with middle school students preferred
– Bachelor’s degree preferred
– Proven ability to work as a member of a team

– Proven ability to work collaboratively to improve curriculum and instruction
– Proven ability to assess student learning
– Appreciation for the life and mind of the adolescent student
– Personal qualities that exemplify the school’s emphasis on character development and community
– Blend of creativity and imagination which helps deliver lessons in a practical and interesting manner among students
– Caring, timely attitude towards children’s needs and concerns
– Readiness to reflect and grow
– Sense of humor and a high level of energy, enthusiasm, flexibility, and spontaneity required to work hard in a young school

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