Technology Officer Intern

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Raeken inc is an online platform where commerce and digital media collide! We are a all new fashion and media e-commerce website looking for a great candidate who can intern in our company and show leadership to eventually become our CTO. Our Company is built off of great innovation, technology but also the great surf, skate and lifestyle culture that has deep ties in our company.

This internship consist of:

- Provide Technical leadership and technology strategy for company

-Responding to and collaborating with colleagues, assessing alternatives, and developing products and services that meet or exceed all business needs.

-Initiaing discussions on New Technology or Features on Website

-Providing strategic analysis of all initiatives as it relates to ROI.

-Developing and sustaining an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity.

- Collaborate With Marketing people on R&D Discussions ( Research and Development)


- Coordinate with CEO on development of website
- Coordinate with Development Team that progress in being made on website
- Create different features on website that will appease our demographic
- Great Creativity to drive innovation
- Listen and Lead Tech Meetings
- Coordinate all in and outs of operations of online platform
-Identify technology trends and evolving social behavior that may support or impede the success of the business.


- Must have some experience or great knowledge in technology realm
- Know the in's and out's of a website
- Great leadership skills
-Great Collaboration Skills

How To Apply

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