Territory / Account Manager

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City Dog Share
Company Location: San Francisco, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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City Dog Share is a free dog-sitting co-op which organizes localized facebook groups for people to connect and help each other with their dogs. We currently have open groups in SF Bay, LA, Humboldt, Portland, and Seattle. Soon expanding to San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque.

We are looking for account managers in each of these areas, eventually spreading across the country.


Territory / Account Manager:
One per local group. Reports to Founder. Your main job is to manage the territory, and help it grow with a team of Volunteers.

This would be an outstanding internship opportunity for a School of Business, Nonprofit Management,Training, Education, HR, or Marketing University student. (Preferred but not required.)

What's in it for you:
Unpaid internship at the coolest new nonprofit start-up in town. (*We actually won this award from Coffee & Power in 2011)
yourname@citydogshare.org email address.
Intro to online page/program administration.
Nonprofit and startup experience.
Attend business development and marketing events with company founder.
Supervisory / management experience.
Project / event management experience.
Become the face of the organization for your group. (PR)
Increase your network!
Connect with founder on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Good mentor.
Learn about facebook algorithms and what populates a news feed.
Learn the difference between front end and back end.
Learn how to make money by offering a free service.
Learn about the branding behind our unique and scalable business model.
Social media marketing practice and tactics.
Give program and management feedback for your group.
Mimic our business model for term papers and theses in college.
Overview of a business plan.
Exposure to competitive analysis and the advantages of going nonprofit.
Foot in the door at City Dog Share.
Professional letter of recommendation (based on experience, Volunteer feedback, and results).
Lead in to Account or Territory Management career.


Your job is easy, but the rewards will be great.

You will lead a community outreach program in your area, designed to:
Grow and maintain the groups.
Educate high school volunteers about dog-related issues including overpopulation and local foster/adoption programs, and teach them how to give presentations back to class.
You will recruit and supervise high school community outreach volunteers, and track / report results back to us. We will set up an evolving metrics formula with you. You will will gain valuable management experience by overseeing teams of high school students in your area.

You will:
Administer your local group.
Get professional services (dog walkers, sitters, nonprofits, groomers, boarders, etc) on board with our program. Offer them a free listing on our website they can accept in writing.
Get veterinary offices and other rescue/adoption agencies on board. Offer them a free listing on our website they can accept in writing.

You will also:
Have or get a gmail account (for internal use only).
Take initiative. Learn what it means to decide your level of involvement.
Be accountable for your results and those of your team.
Solve problems, collaborate with others and give feedback on things that are or are not working well.

You may also:
Attend meet-ups, go on hikes, network, etc.
Organize events, draw a crowd.
Make a case for, and start using Pinterest and other (controlled) social media outlets on our behalf.
Recruit, hire/fire new volunteers; grow your group.


Personality, attitude, and drive.

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