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DYG Management Group is a FULL service entertainment, music management and consulting organization, which is also home to Grammy nominated songstress Syleena Johnson. The newly developed media department is looking to grow and expand in and around New York City. There are several different aspects of our department, including a talk show, radio station, modeling agency, online magazine, amongst others. We are looking for interns who are passionate about working in the music and entertainment industry. Being that the main office of DYG Management is located in Chicago, interns will do most of their work from home. However, they will be asked to come participate in events including but not limited to video shoots, photo shoots, industry functions, etc.


Intern must assist in acquiring new media staff to outsource work to. They must create and keep an organized list of portfolios of on-call media staff, preferably on Excel. This includes photographers, video editors, video directors, graphic designers, recording studios, videographers, etc. Must have examples of the staff's work, price range, and quality of their work. This intern must be someone who is extremely social and into meeting new people/forming new relationships.


Intern Must: Be able to use Microsoft Office (preferably Excel), have a Smartphone, be mobile and able to travel (to and from events), active on social media, social and outgoing, able to work along on a project or with a team, eager to learn, know how to take direction, and most importantly have a POSITIVE attitude.


If interested, please contact Jazlana Gerber at OR at 908-421-0889.

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