The Globalgoals Incorporated Internship: Build A World Class Company Culture - 10 - 20 hours

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Globalgoals Incorporated
Company Location: Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Unpaid

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The Globalgoals Incorporated Internship Program Helping To Build A World Class Company Culture

If you are looking for an entry level internship in the area of private equity combined with branding and online internet leadership, this is a great opportunity and your timing could not be better. We believe in hiring from our interns and if you can prove are smart enough to build the team we are certainly open. We are a 10 year old, rapidly growing company who is very fortunate to be in a very important 24 month period of major expansion, that will bring great opportunity, stability and growth to everyone associated with us.

You can work to help us build our phone contact, our research, our email outreach, our analysis, our social media and also our graphic and video leadership. All a part of the future of one of the most innovative companies.

Introduction to the Opportunity

This is chance to further develop and learn your analytical, intellectual, and communications talent and skills and to work your way into creating the first step into a great career. What we do is exciting and cutting edge in our field and the ability to carry out plans with intelligence and creativity and to keep a sound intellect and analytical capability are important.

We are building a company culture of those who really believe in the purpose of what they are doing as well as the opportunity. We are giving owners a chance to take advantage of timing of the 24 month window of capital availability that will close when they could take advantage of an infusion of minority capital.

Our Life Friendly Culture

You can be part time with us and it’s OK with us if you do the internship from home, Starbucks, unless you’re on the phone in which case we request you make calls from as quiet a location as possible. We believe in building our company where your mind is engaged 24/7 on the purpose even if you’re just putting in a few hours a day on phones, emails or research and analysis is OK as long as we all agree we are striving for great excellence in all we do. It’s also OK with us if you have your Facebook and other social media running while you’re doing the internship time, just as long as you can represent the company in a pro manner when and you if you are actually on the phone.

We Are Committed to Team Success

We are committed to putting aside 5% of the gross income that interns assist with as a fund to use to hire interns as long as you stay on board and keep good relations with us. We are accepting part time interns. If you are persistent, smart, and adaptable and fully embrace our core values then you can be among those who turn this internship into an entry level job. This is not a promise or a guaranty but it is a real chance to make it happen at a time when our company is exploding and you could be part of something that is growing very quickly.


Essential Role and Function

We are looking for people who can help improve our rate of growth through ability to peak perform on some simple tasks of helping us contact and keep communications with the many important people who make up our business network and who we have recently met.

Requirement: Visit and read our website, before the interview. (Questions will be asked at the interview regarding this.)

Need to sign a mutual NDA Confidentiality is one of our core values and it is very important to understand how very important and serious this is regarding all information you will be exposed to. So all information and our entire business model and every aspect of our business is considered trade secret.

Everyone who is associated with our company is a potential partner in training in our eyes if they have the ability to persist and make the company more profitable.

Tips: Make the first day the real demonstration of your peak performance. Also make sure that you don’t start to lag on the second and third day and so onThree basic functions are:

1) Phones and Live Communication Contact

2) You will be contacting CEOs, CFOs, and other executives and owners of companies, attorneys, CPA partners, and other potential investment partners. You will also learn how to analyze companies, and create spreadsheets, and diagrams and flowcharts regarding how we are planning our roll up strategies

3) Research and Analysis of Industries and Companies and Graphic Modeling With Our Proprietary Software and Process

4) Emailing with Our Proprietary Email Software and also Standard Email.If you have any other special knowledge and talents such as Visual Basic Programming, Excel databases…If you have special skills such as graphics, programming, video, etc. Please let us know.

5) Working on creating our social media blog and other website and graphically oriented activities.
Time Counts: Ability to also communicate live the same information with the person should you get through directly is also important. We are requiring that you be able to leave at least 10 messages an hour. Some candidates have been able to bring this up to 30 to 40 per hour which is outstanding but not always necessary so don’t worry.

The Script: Read the script we supply in advance and rehearse at home and test on the phone either at the interview or after the interview by leaving a message on Globalgoals incorporated phone number on voicemail.

Other Basic Skills

Knowledge of Smart Phone Operations: Entering Phone Numbers, Entering Calendar, Texting, Emailing, Etc. Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, ability to post and to create basic content posting, blogging basics, post photos, and videos is also a plus.

Website creation, including Wordpress is a definitely plus.


Confidential Core Values of the Company Culture of Globalgoals Incorporated

These are confidential core values they are included here so that you understand what we are building before you even start.

We have a set of core values. We are looking for people who together can fully embrace these core values even when you are on the computer at Starbucks. We hope that person is you.

1) Confidentiality – In a career in finance you will be exposed to a great deal of confidential information. You will be signing an mutual NDA We are committed to upholding all state laws and business law. The Uniform Trade Secret Doctrine is embraced by all states, it means that all aspects of our business including our business model is confidential.

2) Loyalty – We are here to support you in your future and please don’t apply if you do not believe in loyalty. It is a core value that goes deep. With loyalty you have a deeper sense of meaning in what you do in your life and those that help you.

3) Courage – Courage does not mean the courage to do foolish things. We have no fear of competition or any other competitive force because we are unique and have a great awareness of how to help our partners take advantage of timing and opportunity.

4) Law - Commitment to Upholding and Working Within the Confines or All Business Laws and Rules
Abiding by all laws of all states is really important to us.

5) Purpose:
We work with a sense of greater purpose. The increased financial value of our owner partners and our finance partners and their LPs is always most important as we understand our net worth grows only because and as their net worth does.

6) A Sense of Urgency
To contact and communicate to all who we speak to with a sense of urgency. We live in times of great opportunity for those who take action and don’t delay.

7) Long Term View
We understand short term profits are important but we also know that to be thinking 5 years into the future is where the greatest success comes from.

Personal Values That We Have As Core Values Which You Either Have Or Can Suport the Team to Have

1) Dynamic
We are dynamic, we take action, we never appear the opposite of dynamic which is flat. We are never flat.

2) Energized
We are always full of energy, we never appear the opposite of energized which is dragging.

3) Inspired
We are inspired by what we are doing, we never appear the opposite which is detached from what we are doing.

4) Enthused
We are always enthused, we never appear spaced or confused about what we are doing.

5) Intelligent – We are smart people, and we are a very smart group, don’t take our positive enthusiasm and sense of responsibility for the greater good of our partners and society to mean that we are not some of the smartest people and problem solvers.

6) Innovative – We do try new answers and create new solutions on the fly when we come up against a problem.

How To Apply

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