U.S. Treasury Internships

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The Department of the Treasury
Washington, DC
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Working in the Nation’s Capital at the Department of the Treasury will give you a unique opportunity to witness and contribute to the important mission of “managing the U.S. Government’s finances effectively, promoting economic growth and stability, and ensuring safety, soundness, and security of the U.S. international financial systems.”

Student employment programs provide an avenue for highly-qualified candidates to enjoy the benefits of challenging developmental opportunities within the Department of the Treasury. At the same time, the Department recoups the benefits of internships, as these appointments can play an important role in strategic recruitment and succession management. Most student employment programs also afford management an added benefit of a streamlined hiring process.

The Department of the Treasury is an executive department and the treasury of the United States federal government. It was established by an Act of Congress in 1789 to manage government revenue. The Department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the Cabinet.

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