>>> Video / Audio Intern -- Virtual & Upaid, 12-24 hours/week

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Exciting opportunity with young, growing, online company founded to help people in their career and their lives. As a teenager, President was given a chance to get real-world experience and believes in paying that forward. You will learn to apply your classroom learning and inherent smarts to a business environment, from a boss with a sense of humor and a huge vision!


• Understand co. vision and project so as to create great work for the customer
• Work with raw, multi-cam footage (editing, splicing, and adding captions, headers, sound effects) to produce engaging final output
• Work with existing production footage to make “highlight” shorts
• Make trailers or audio tracks from video
• Ideally using iMovie/FinalCut and Audacity/similar
• If you’re unfamiliar with startups, there’s always unexpected new stuff :)


Work from home/library/coffeeshop and check in once or twice a week via phone/webcam
Must be responsible, e.g.:
• do what you say you’ll do
• track and report your hours
• complete weekly status reports
• work independently with guidance.

How To Apply

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