Video Editing/Documentarian Internship

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In 2003 Impact International Pictures was founded to produce television series and feature documentaries around the globe for such networks as the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Sundance Channel, TVNZ (New Zealand), the Documentary Channel and many more. Somewhere between Armenia and New Zealand we realized documentaries had the amazing capability to emotionally connect , entertain, and educate people on every continent. From this realization DocuStory (DS) Creative Group was formed specializing in high quality inexpensive customized documentary marketing tools to engage and connect with micro and corporate clients to target markets using your unique story.

Designed for websites, SEO or viral marketing campaigns DocuStories are crafted by seasoned multimedia professionals for startup companies, non-profits, experts, universities and personalities. Ideal for anyone looking to grow their presence online through compelling content to engage millions of viewers in a refreshingly personal way.

We are looking for an editor with their own equipment to edit short documentaries on local and international companies.
Depending on your level of expertise, you will be unpaid for your first projects but once the client sees the value of your work we will bring you onboard the DocuStory team as a paid intern and then a contractor once your work gets to the level of our other editors.


-Edit interesting stories about companies and turn into entertaining short 2 minute movie like trailers
-Understand how to edit and send back on youtube and on the web with yousendit.


-Own computer with Final Cut Pro or some other form of editing software
-Understand how to send footage on YOUSENDIT or drop off tapes if working close to office
-Understand how to tell a story in video
-Understand how to craft a story
-Good cinematic eye
-passionate about story telling and documentary

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