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The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., founded in 2007, is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization created to award merit-based scholarships for Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, their children and scholars, and to advance the study of National Security, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding.
The Lint Center aims to:
1. Identify promising individuals and assist in educational pursuits through scholarship initiatives.
2. Provide talented individuals with a meaningful leadership development mentoring program by current-and-former Counterintelligence and National Security Workers.
3. Provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of National Security Studies through the Center’s online Web-portal.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Lint Center for National Security Studies is to foster and further the educational development and opportunities for the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security Workers. The Center focuses on empowering individuals, enhancing the study of national security issues, and enabling emerging leaders to be mentored by established current-and-former industry experts.



1. Be willingly to work as a team.

2. Communicate efficiently virtually online.

3. Periodically check emails for notifications.


1. Be a U.S. Citizen.

2. 18 years and older.

3. No convictions for undeclared crimes.

How To Apply

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