Volunteers for Client Management/Operations work - great to learn about ops & customer service!

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> Verify Chances - we contact all veterinary hospitals before we allow our pet owner clients to raise money. You'll call the hospitals and ask them to verify information provided by the client. Almost all of them do it with no questions asked; some require client authorization first; a handful have questions that need to be addressed.

> Respond to client emails and, occasionally, answer phone calls from clients. Log all contacts in a database and deliver world-class customer service (we'll give you pointer on what "world-class" means to us).

> Help us create/update and document operational procedures so they are repeatable by others. Basically - help us write the operations manual!


* Stellar verbal and written communication skills.
* Willing (no wait -- excited!) to talk by phone with various stakeholders like clients and hospital administrators.
* Able to make decisions on the fly and to handle "exception cases" (like when asked a question to which you do not know the answer)
* Organized and interested in establishing/improving business processes.
* Very comfortable with computers, including and especially web site applications

* Here's the hard one: Must be "clinical and compassionate" - our clients are under medical AND financial crisis at the same time. Many are technically unsophisticated. Most need a lot of help from us in some form or another. You must be able to balance "clinical" (you can hear very sad/difficult stories without being emotionally affected by them) and "compassionate" (you help people handle very difficult circumstances no matter how simple, mundane, or otherwise unreasonable their requests for help may be).

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