Web Deisgner Intern in a Digital Company

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Why Choose Us?
Many agencies in China have amazing internship opportunities for you. However, they do not know how to market themselves in the United States, and to earn your trust as a foreign company. Therefore, they hire us to act as an intercultural bridge between you and them. As a result, by working with Be Loud Marketing, you will have more access to more internship opportunities in China at free of charge.
We facilitate you to get an internship with our partner agencies in the city of your choice. We handle all correspondence to make sure you are on track, and not being annoyed or delayed by the time difference.
We are a marketing company, therefore our clients are the companies that hire us to market their services and products. So you are still paying the program fee to them at the same rate as if you were applying for it yourself, but at the same time enjoy a US agent to facilitate you! More bang for your buck.

Read our internship program info at http://beloudm.net/2012/07/24/labore-temporibus-vis-ex/
View some sample internships at http://beloudm.net/internships/


Fluent English.
Bachelor degree or above.
Experience in web-design.
Good communication skills.
IT educational background is desirable.

Starting date - Flexible.
Job offer is possible upon completion of the internship.


We are a professional Web design firm located in Beijing CDB specializing on building professional websites with custom CMS integration.

To implement innovative software and allow our clients to control the contents of their websites we inbuild special CMS (Content Management System) software.
Design of interactive and informative websites.
Design of E-commerce websites.
Development of portals.
Implementation of social networking websites, blogs & forums.
Construction of Product/Brand listing pages.
Website maintenance and hosting.
Online advertising.
Design of SEO-enabled websites.

How To Apply

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