Web Master Assistant / Data Management Intern for Fast Growing E-Commerce Company

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1075 Hamilton Rd
Duarte, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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The Webmaster must perform a variety of technical tasks to make sure that a website works properly and can be accessed quickly by as many people as possible, while maintaining and updating data throughout our company in a timely and detail oriented accurate manner. Our Web Master will be integrally involved in all aspects of the business, and have the opportunity to get real, hands-on experience from top to bottom creation of complex, technically challenging web presence, the daily operation of the business, under supervision and training.


1. Create and maintain a consistent website architectural structure including, but not limited to, expanding, editing, programming, and upgrading necessary aspects of site
2. Managing Layout and flow to ensure ease of use
3. Database management to ensure data credibility and efficiency
4. Collect and organize data
5. Quality control: double check web programming and editing to make sure all pages are user friendly
6. Find, diagnose, and fix website problems
7. Managing email marketing programs including creation, deployment and reporting of email marketing campaigns.
8. Launch monthly newsletters
9. Draft and Upload product descriptions
10. Organize, and manipulate statistics by use of Spread Sheet database management
11. Account for sales and target goals
12. Backend Maintenance and Update
13. Importing and Exporting of relevant data information
14. Assist with various operational tasks
15. Design, Develop and Maintain web pages and forms
16. Ensure a consistent look and feel
17. Recommend and implement enhancements and modifications to the website
18. Assess and itemize costs for website enhancements and modifications
19. Create and maintain an archive for website templates and images
20. Participate in the development and integration of graphical and multimedia components into the website
21. Develop, implement, and enforce website appropriate use and privacy policies
22. Ensure sensitive and/or classified organizational information is not inadvertently posted to the website
23. Develop, implement, and adhere to a regular website maintenance policies and procedures, including end user content change request forms and posted update/maintenance schedules, to ensure site accuracy and timeliness.
24. Monitor, analyze, and report on website traffic
25. Receive and respond to all e-mail messages for the Webmaster in a timely and courteous fashion
26. Analyze, report on, and take action on website user feedback
27. Track and evaluate new standards, technologies and trends in web development, design, and delivery
28. Assess, recommend, and purchase web authoring, development, and publishing tools as required
29. Assess competing websites as regards content, look and feel, and functionality, and make improvement recommendations to our organization’s site
30. Test security and privacy aspects of our site on a scheduled routine
31. Develop, test, maintain and update Coding Language related to our software, network, intranet, Website, and other aspects related to our company.
32. Complete other duties as assigned, some of which may be to assist in other areas and departments of the company as needed.



1. College students working towards a college degree in marketing, e-commerce, business, or other web related fields
2. Responsible, efficient, very detail-oriented, great work ethics and energy
3. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), with some experience in Adobe Photoshop
4. Basic understanding of HTML, XML, FTP, Keywords, SEO’s, Database structures
5. Basic knowledge of website design programming (ex. dreamweaver) - You do not need to be an expert but some experience is desired
6. Has strong understanding of the internet
7. Has very strong communication skills, both spoken and written
9. Has an interest in e-commerce business
10. A self starter who is motivated to grow personally and professionally
11. Must be fast on a computer and have a strong understanding of the web and be able to learn fast on the web
12. Candidate must be an action-oriented individual who learns quickly, works independently, and creates solutions to diverse problems
13. Someone comfortable with multi-tasking, resolving competing priorities, and meeting project deadlines and accomplished with understanding client and server-side applications, web servers and databases.

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