Women’s Career Resource Centre rural India

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Young Women's IDEA
Punjab and Himachal Pradesh
New Delhi, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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In order to address the high levels of un/under-employment amongst women in rural India as well as the lack of information about career opportunities, Young Women’s IDEA has created the Women’s Career Resource Centre.

As the foundation of family and community, women's empowerment forms the underpinning to improved social well being. Education is the greatest tool of empowerment and women must be at the vanguard of participatory educational practice. Women's English assists women in securing better employment and offer them a wider scope of opportunity in whatever formal or informal sector they choose to enter.

Lessons are centered on themes directly concerning the women themselves such as rights, health, self-image, and opportunity, and will ultimately aim to foster the development of their strengths and confidence. From this, we aim to create a community of local women who will take responsibility for the issues that affect them and encourage others to become involved as local volunteers. Our role in encouraging local volunteers is an essential goal in creating a dedicated and sustainable presence in the communities in which we work.

The program is still under development and currently we are gathering information about further education possibilities in both India and abroad. The aim is to create a centre that offers English classes, personalised counseling, library resources and an online database for young women.

Apart from promoting education and employment opportunities amongst women, the Young Women’s CRC program also addresses underlying issues of indecision, parental expectations and a lack of self-awareness that inhibit career and education opportunities.


Extra skills required for the Young Women’s CRC project:

Relevant background or experience, such as Social Sciences, Human Resources, Communication, Business Administration
Good computer and organizational skills
Excellent communication skills
The capacity to initiate and maintain a project with little resources

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