Yoga Instructor

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Yoga is a union between the mind and body. At this internship you will lead students through exercises that help improve flexibility, strength, and balance for a gentle way to improve their health from a balanced, low-impact, full-body workout. Instructors typically lead students through 60- to 90-minute sessions that include both standing and seated poses, and classes usually end in deep relaxation.


-Be familiar with all yoga poses and breathing patterns
-Develop format of the class and class routines for maximum fitness benefits for students
-Call out instructions, walk around class and use hands-on adjustments to help the students move their bodies into the right placement
-Encourage students to challenge themselves within the poses, yet also practice safety
-Assist participants to perform all exercises effectively ??
-Monitor fitness levels and requirements of all participants and design classes to suit individual needs
-Design safe and comprehensive yoga programs for various participants from diverse groups
-Encourage students to continue taking classes based on skill level
-Coordinate with participants and counsel on lifestyle and diet issues to ensure healthy body and mind
-Develop and maintain professional relationship with participants and ensure optimal level of customer services
-May work in a class or in a one-on-one setting


-Strong verbal and written communication skills
-Ensure customer satisfaction and assist in answering all participant queries
-Be highly self motivated with the desire to be successful
-Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor with all students, team members, and staff
-Strong customer service skills
-Passion for yoga

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