eCommerce/Online Retailer Data Entry/Products

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We are an online retailer and we have an intern position that will prepare anyone interested in this field for hands on experience in what is involved in an online business. First and foremost is product SKUing. This is basically data entry and we will supply full training for 3DCartStores Systems, MS Outlook, Skype and other tools specific to our company.


- Product Seeking and cost negotiation.
- Data Entry: Product SKUing
- Online picture and file management
- Monitor and Adjust Pricing as needed or requested


- Understand eCommerce/Retail Markets and how they work.
- Possess Skills need to negotiate costs with suppliers and find new products.
- Possess time management skills that will keep you busy while meeting quotas and deadlines.
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization

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