(Aspiring Actor/comedians) Comedy Television Production

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DakDan Entertainment is a power monger among the reality TV franchise. We have over 20+ approved productions that which we have a growing experience foundation. Our base is bringing to light reality television productions to the viewer audience by capturing the backbone of American development in their various industries.

For this particular position, we are taking a step into a whole new light, Comedy television. We anticipate airing on such networks as Fox, and Comedy central. We are filming a new Comedy series and are looking for talented actor/ comedians In the Illinois area willing to work on moderate upfront compensation, and large back-end compensation. This is an amazing opportunity to step into the world of film and add new endeavors to your growing portfolio and experience.

Our goal is to lock in a solid Pilot filming, that will really headline and define the rest of the season of filming. Schedules MUST be flexible.


Mature and diverse actor/actresses that feel they can fit into any character profile.
An in-depth understanding of their character personification
A solid understanding of film scripts and shot implementations
Must be able to really lock in, and stay in character during filming
Cast must be able to perform various action sequences throughout filming
Improv is an absolute must, this is where the comedic background comes into play


We are looking for Four main Male actors, that are ethnically diverse in the following areas:

Hispanic male, must look around the age of 26
African/American male, must look around the age of 32
Asian male, must look around the age of 24
Caucasian male, must look around the age of 30

We are also looking for (Age: 20-26) attractive females for small roles during filming as they interact with the main actors, as well as various Extra casting roles.

Female secondary cast:
African/American female, must look around the age of 32
Caucasian female, must look around the age of 24-30

This is a comedy television productions aimed for a mature audience. Sexual references will be included during filming, as well as mature language and mature scenes. All of the previous will be implied and in-direct.

Forward any head shots, other photography, portfolio pieces, and or relevant digital media recordings to:
Harry @dakdan.com

Filming is set to begin immediately pending casting. Don't miss your chance.

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