Digital Video Production Internship

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If you are looking for an internship where you will learn from an videographer/photographer or media executive that is 30 years your senior, sit in a cubicle in a huge office, complete your editing and all other work on a computer that is still using Windows 95 or Windows XP, be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it then this Internship IS NOT, WE REPEAT NOT FOR YOU...PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

However, If you have been looking for an internship that will allow you to show the world how talented of a videographer/photographer you are, where EMPOWERMENT & INNOVATION are of the utmost importance, and where ability is favored over experience then THIS IS THE INTERNSHIP FOR YOU....PLEASE, PLEASE APPLY NOW!

*College Credit will be given (as need be)*


Responsibilities for Internship will not be limited to but will include:

- To shoot and edit content for marketing campaigns

- Edit and create trailers for marketing campaigns

- Direct and organize productions

*College Credit will be given (as need be)*


*College Credit will be given (as need be)*

Interest or experience of some sort in Video/Photography. (Required)

Have a camera with video recording capabilities. (Required)

Have a passion for creativity and art. (Required)

Must have own desktop or laptop with the adobe creative suite products, final cut pro creative suite products and/or any other video editing or photo editing computer graphic/design software that equips you properly as a videographer/photographer. (Required)

Must have experience with Microsoft Office and/or iWorks. (Required)

Must be organized & have good communication skills. (Required)

Must be creative & committed to excellence. (Required)

Must be able to pay close attention to details. (Required)

Ability to meet tight deadlines. (Required)

Ability to handle multiple projects at once. (Required)

Must be able to collaborate with other team members on our company private social network. (Required)

Must be able work in small groups with other videographers/photographers and/or other employees/interns (Required)

Have an athletic background (Desired, NOT Required)

How To Apply

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