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It is a very exciting time as we are getting ready to launch a brand-new version of the best-selling adult relationship board game, Romantic Journey. To coincide with the launch of the board game we are producing series of programs that should be of interest to you:

Romantic Journey TV/Internet Promotion: Extended Commercial to promote the Launch of the Board Game, Romantic Journey. Funny, Campy and Sexy. 36 Roles are being cast. Will be shown on TV and Internet with target of 4.5 million views.

Romantic Journey TV, an adult oriented Dating Show based on the game. RJTV mixes and matches four men and four women as they play the game in order to see which couple hits it off the best! The winning couple gets to have their very own “Romantic Journey” date at a later time. Filmed of course.

Additionally, we will be producing “Romantic Journey: The Movie” for distribution in 2013. That said, the Board Game, the TV show and the Movie are very classy and sophisticated. If not for the level of intimacy that is built into the game, it would be rated G for content. Likewise, both the TV show and the Movie are R-rated.

This is a tremendous opportunity to get in on the ground floor for what promises to be a very, very exciting series of projects.

If you are interested in learning more and participating, send us an RSVP email with your Name, Cell Number, Email Address and Crew Position.

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