Video Production Coordinator

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Entrepreneurs That SOAR! offers year round internships to undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates and anyone who are in career transition that would like to add skills that can enhance their resumes.

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Internships are part time and almost all work can be accomplished virtually. Therefore, location is not of the utmost importance. We also accept international interns for various internship positions.

Selection is made on the basis of your interest, passion and motivation in working for Entrepreneurs That SOAR, enthusiasm for Entrepreneurs That SOAR's mission and programs, your ability to contribute and, your commitment to gaining a meaningful work experience. This is a learning internship experience and we do not expect you to know everything.

Compensation & Benefits:

- Work directly with leadership team, partners and affiliates
- Ability to establish positive relationships with people who could be used as a reference for employment opportunities including a reference letter from the CEO of the company
- Witness and gain real life experiences of building your own business
- Our interns will have access to a great collaborative and co-working community
- We are happy to work with your school to arrange for academic credit for those who require it
- Opportunity to acquire 21st. century skills in the digital age.


All applications must be submitted here:

IMPORTANT! Your applications MUST include a cover letter and a resume. The cover letter must explain WHY you would like to to work for us.

If you have any questions, please email us at:

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- Develops storyboard and content for video production
- Responsible for flow of video production’s storyboard
- Directs and manages cast management during production.
- Handles all the physical operations of the camera and other audio/visual equipment for video production.
- Video editing
- Having your own equipment is a plus.


- Currently pursuing or have taken courses in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and/or Journalism.
- Interest in Video Podcasting
- An interest in entrepreneurship or the "mindset" of an entrepreneur (innovation, drive, etc)
- Preferably have taken a course in Marketing and Production.
- Must have basic editing skills
- The knowledge on how to run a production
- Access to any form of basic recording device (a cellular phone video camera is acceptable)
- Enjoys communicating with and engaging people in a number of different topics
- Up for a challenge in a fast paced internship.
- Is interested in having your own business some day or to become and entrepreneur (would be a plus!).

How To Apply

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