Are You Interested in Psychology? Counseling? Work with DreamwithJulie and LEARN on the job!

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JEM Enterprises
639 7th Street
Lake Oswego, OR
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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As a Master Success Coach and Seminar Leader I have been helping people change their lives for over 20 years, successfully. I get a 98% success rate with my clients. I am a Master Hypnotherapist and have a Masters in Neuro-Linguistics as well, trained by a world renown expert in Leadership.

(GOOD opp for future $$$ here if you are a go-getter and are great with people. I don't have time to enroll
workshops anymore and will pay a percentage bonus for anyone wanting to do that for me.)

You can see some of what I do at and

Located in Lake Oswego, OR we are looking for several things:
1. Someone to help keep office organized and keep our internet flow going.
2. Someone to help me follow up with clients, make phone calls, and reach out to pitch opportunities for me to speak, lead workshops and the like.

This company is a small one but looking to expand the amount of workshops being done and the revenue from them.

If you are organized, can keep track in multi-tasking, want to learn about leadership, seminars, psychology, self-help - this is a great position for you!!! (also, we work as Entrepreneurs so you will garner knowledge in that area about internet marketing, creating product and how to become a master of Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Work Week '-) which we are striving to do.

You will be working out of my home office and virtually as well.

The hours and position are flexible.

IF you are a REAL go-getter, you may be elevated to:
Coordinator and increase our income level to such that you can paid by the hour and bonuses.

If you are studying psychology and interested in what makes people tick, have a spiritual (not religious) interest - you will love this job. I have studied the Relationship Guru, David Deida and can teach you a lot about that. I am a Master at NLP (which is why I get such GREAT results in my counseling --- every psychology student should know it, it makes for amazing results!) If you are interested I will train you in it.

BONUS: If you know anything about Website Design & Social Media!
Need upgrades on both accounts.


Checking emails.
Sorting tax receipts and making a monthly list of them.
Staying current on our website s(IF YOU ARE hip in the web designer area - wowww, you would be a shoe in!)
Staying current on FB, Twitter.
Implementing marketing campaigns (which will be structured for you, you don't have to figure it out)
Web reserach.
Sometimes do personal errands, sometimes do things for us when we are out of town. (water plants, etc...)
Make phone calls, set up client appointments or confirm them.
Keep the office clean and neat.
Sometimes work on our other business of marketing if there is overflow.
Some work can be virtual!
Have your own cell phone.
BE RESPONSIBLE, be on time - and be good with how you spend your time when tasking.


Must be able to type, know Macs, great if you have Social Media savvy
Must be great on the phone with people.
Great if you are ORGANIZED, be able to set up functional structure for work life.
MUST be good at utilizing time on your own but getting a lot done.
Must be flexible.
Must not have ADD/must be able to multi-task.

I love to reward people who are go-getters.
Although this is currently a free internship, I will pay you $25 for every new client you get me upon their first session's
For any Elite Client booked, I will pay you $500.
If you take on Coordinating a workshop for me that at least can reward you 10% of the whole gross income.
IF you are offsite but would like to Coordinate a workshop in your city, bigger bonus structure!
(for instance, if you go back to school and want to bring together ten other students to do a workshop like SET FREE Your Delicious Feminine or Love Re-Evolution...)

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