Customer Behavior Psychology Intern

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Beverly Hills Marketing is a result driven marketing firm in Beverly Hills. Our mission is to deliver excellence and superior communication through creative advertising using our diverse team of creative ad designers and innovative way of navigating the electronic commercial market in order to penetrate the psyche of the consumer identifying with them through connection with the product. We personally communicate and connect with individuals while indirectly implementing negotiating skills in order to equip clients and prepare them for personal business management. Our primary focus is the automotive industry at this juncture yet we are looking to expand our reach to all other areas of the market.
• Major in psychology, human development, or other related degree preferred.
• Use psychology to build and develop a team in which each individual's passion, skills and values are aligned with our company's values and strategic vision.
• To analyze customer’s behavior further we need people who have the courage and self-awareness to know what they enjoy doing, as well as their commitment to growing value through mastering their skills in the fields of psychology, motivational measurement, statistical analysis, economics, education and/ or international business.
We Offer Academic Credit. Beverly Hills Marketing Internship is an unpaid internship that can be used for college or graduate credit.


You will have a very valuable hands on experience everyday to work with other team members and through discussions and real world experiences discover what it really takes for a company and / or person to have the edge.


A strong desire to learn.

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