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During these very difficult days for Israel many are concerned about the rapidly unfolding events and the outcome of these events. Even though we may live halfway across the world, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help the people of Israel get through these difficult times. We At Liloli will do everything we can to provide psychological support to Israelis that are living in terror as a result of current issues in the middle east.

We are looking for a psychology graduate student to get involved in a project that will help Israelis with PTSD, trauma and other stress related psychological outcomes resulted from living in terror and being victims of constant attacks.


All candidates should be able to commit a minimum of 2–5 days a week but we are willing to accommodate varying schedules. • Candidates must be fluent in Hebrew and/or Russian • Candidates should currently be pursuing a graduate degree in psychology • Familiarity with Microsoft office programs • Stellar organizational skill • Ability to handle multiple tasks and changing priorities on a daily basis • Ability to fully own projects (time management, accountability, status updates, etc.) • Effective oral and written communication skills • Ability to work independently and in a groups • Able to complete basic administrative tasks • proficient use of social media and marketing tools

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