Research Assistant Intern

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Description is based in Chicago with the mission to raise awareness and erase the stigmas surrounding suicide and mental illness by sharing stories of hope and inspiration, educating the general public and those affected by mental illness by providing them with information and support. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization founded in 2007

Interns will work closely with other interns and supervisors to achieve the following objectives:
- Learn how to perform market research in the non-profit field
- Acquire efficient data management and organizational skills
- Learn different strategies to perform online and offline research
- Compile reports to be channeled to social media manager and supervisor
- Written and verbal communication with researched organizations and partners


- Perform research on other mental health organizations’ new trends and new scientific findings.
- Research possible partnerships with other mental health organizations.
- Research and reach out to create relationships with other organizations or companies that relates to NoStigmas objectives and initiatives.
- Find potential partners with other organizations such as fitness and nutrition; medical and mental health professionals; food and beverage; and health products corporations.


Minimum GPA: 2.50

- This job requires analysis.
- This job requires building & maintaining relationships with customers.
- This job allows time and space to work in solitude.
- This job relies heavily on written communication.
- This job requires providing help or service to others.
- This job requires directing people or resources to achieve a goal.
- This job requires business acumen.
- This job emphasizes predictable efficiency.

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