Education and Public Health Research Internships in West Africa

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Intern in the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa: Equatorial Guinea

What we are looking for: Do you have the urge to work internationally? Do you feel you could inspire others to dream for a better life? Are you a motivated individual and hard worker? Come join us for our research internships in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. This is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our highly competitive placements are designed for individuals who are looking for a hands-on and real experience, in a way that is tailored to fit not only our target community's needs, but yours as well. You will be doing education and public health research, and could even get authorship a peer-reviewed publication during the process!

We are happy to work with both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates. Many of our interns get university credit for their participation, and we will work with your home university to make sure that you can get credit, if you want it.

Placement Fees:

Interns and volunteer consultants are asked to pay a monthly fee of $750 to cover the cost of housing and administration. This fee covers your accommodation (electricity, water, WIFI connection), airport pick up/drop off, any and all administration associated with your placement, and allows us to continue providing the community with our services.

Successful interns are considered favorably for salaried positions as they open within our organization.


You will be responsible for a research or social initiative project. You will work with the Executive Director of the organization to design the project and will implement it while you are in country. You must also write a complete report of your research project by the end of your internship. Daily tasks may include visiting our project sites, interviewing people, holding focus groups, entering and analyzing data, and working on your report. You may also work occasionally on our charitable projects that we have going on in the country.


Requirements for ALL applicants:

- Must be willing to work full-time.
- Must speak conversational Spanish.
- Must be 21+ years of age.
- Prior international travel viewed favorably in application process.
- We prefer that all interns stay with our organization for a minimum of 2-3 months. There is no maximum stay.

The application process is competitive, so be sure to address the above requirements in your cover letter! We want to know that YOU'VE got what it takes!

How To Apply

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