Fashion Designer Jermikko is Seeking Fashion Marketing/Pr Interns

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Fashion designer and manufacturer Jermikko is seeking charismatic, smart and forward thinking marketing/PR students or graduates for fall internship who want to utilize their knowledge of marketing and public relations in the real world. You must be able to use social media efficiently, have a working knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator, ability to multitask, be prompt and make use of time intelligently. Also, be able to write and speak effectively and be self motivated. We are a fashion design and manufacturing company that holds markets in wholesale, retail and custom made divisions.


• Gather seasonal media & demographic research
• Help develop marketing plan for upcoming season
• Compile mailing list for a quarterly newsletter
• Assist with development of social network sites and website maintenance
• Drafts basic public relations materials including press releases, media alerts, fact sheets, client meeting summaries, status reports and other materials as directed.
• Carries out special and media event planning activities and arrangements as outlined by the designer/owner.
• Assists with the development and updating of media lists and other databases, including client, marketing, prospect and administrative databases. Other tasks include database creation, data entry and update additions and corrections. The intern will provide data output in the form of letters, fax lists, data lists and other reports as requested by account staff.
• Assists with the distribution of client information/materials or the firm's marketing materials. Also ensures completeness and accuracy of information and assists with the management of destination lists, and coordination of fax, mailing or broadcast fax activities. In addition, conducts appropriate follow up when necessary.
• Assists with the management of outside vendors to successfully complete outside work, including, but not limited to printing of materials, renting of audio/visual equipment, photography, graphic arts services or supplying needed products.


Marketing/PR interns will be actively enrolled in, or a recent graduate of, a university public relations, marketing, advertising or other related program. The candidate should be a current student with at least a senior standing. The individual must demonstrate the ability to undertake basic public relations writing assignments, and possess an understanding of basic media relations skills, an ability to interact professionally with clients, and good judgment. A working knowledge of computers, as well as word processing and database management software is necessary. The public relations intern will be directed by the owner. The owner will help intern prioritize tasks and focus on multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. This is a great opportunity to practice your skills and learn additional skills

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