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We are a womenswear clothing company specializing in contemporary business attire. We are preparing for our first launch in Spring 2015 and are in need of assistance planning our branding and public relations. We could use some fresh ideas to help generate a buzz around our brand-- reaching out to bloggers and press, developing our press kit, preparing a press release, helping shape our brand image, etc. We would want someone that is able to devote about 8-10 hours per week and able to effectively communicate with us virtually (via email, chat, Skype, FaceTime, etc.) to touch base at least once a week. If you are able to devote 8-10 hours per week for a 3-6 month period, please apply!


We have an idea of how we want our brand image to be portrayed. We want a fresh set of ideas to help us shape our brand image and ensure that everything is consistent. We would like someone that could help us create a blueprint that we would use going forward. We would have an initial meeting (via email, chat, Skype or Facetime) at the beginning of the internship to go over our list of "Action Items" that we feel need to be done regarding PR and branding. We would want you to review and brainstorm additional ideas and help us build our branding and PR plan. From there, we would like to communicate via email a few times per week and have a monthly Skype/Facetime meeting to go over the progress. We hope that this internship would allow you to add additional PR and branding experience to your resume. Additionally, we would be more than willing to provide references and recommendations.


We prefer someone with a background in branding and public relations-- this includes coursework, previous internships, and work experience.

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