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Learning Objectives or Other Goals:

The specific goals toward which the intern's efforts are directed are as follows:
1. Interns will learn firsthand about the steps involved in the creation of multi-faceted Public Relations Programs including objectives, framework, writing, scripts, materials, implementation and management.
2. Interns will learn firsthand how to publicize, plan, coordinate and manage Special Events, including Parties featuring live entertainment, contests, and sponsorships.
3. Interns will learn firsthand how to hone their business and communication skills in a wide variety of contexts.



• Professionalism
• Willingness to Learn
• Willingness to Follow Organizational Plan
• Confidence in Product
• Confidence in Yourself
• People Person
• Good Communication Skills
• Desire to Work in a Non-Corporate Atmosphere
• Desire to Get Paid Based Upon Own Production
• Interest in Work Making an Impact


Intern's Activities:

The specific activities of the intern at the company, and the means by which the intern's goals/objectives will be met, are as follows:
1. Understanding of Marketing Plan, research, development of Public Relations, marketing and program materials for print, web, phone and live presentations.
2. Understanding of Meetings/Special Events as to how they relate to fulfilling organizational objectives: planning, researching, budgeting, contracting, coordinating, publicizing, marketing and managing said events.
3. Understanding of the business objectives of the organization, and the importance of effective communication. Interns will create and follow communication scripts to ensure that they understand and effectively communicate their objectives.

How To Apply

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