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Positive Impact Magazine is an online and quarterly print publication seeking to inspire. In a world constantly bombarded with negative media, we aim to be the positive light in the dark. Do you desire to leave your mark on the world or make a difference? That is what we're all about, making a change. More than just a media resource, we are a movement, a movement encouraging creativity and passion. Our stories cover a wide range of topics, from athletes to book reviews, charity events to musicians, celebrities to the unsung hero that may be in your neighborhood. We want the world to have a resource to turn to for uplifting and positive stories. Positive Impact Magazine may be based out of Florida, but our impact is international. We are working hard to be the reminder to the world that beauty still surrounds us everyday. Every story we cover captures that beauty and sends it to thousands of people all over the world. Join the movement and become at intern!

Positive Impact Magazine is looking for enthusiastic and passionate interns with experience in some or all of the following: public relations, marketing, journalism, advertising, general business, graphic design, and accounting.
Students learn knowledge and skills while gaining valuable hands-on business experience through helping to build and grow Positive Impact Magazine.
Please email Charity Beck at Charity@positiveimpactmagazine.com


Depending upon the capabilities of the intern, the responsibilities will vary. Expect to work diligently on multiple tasks. No matter the assignment, we expect interns to maintain a positive attitude. Be unafraid of failure. We expect determination, not necessarily perfection.


Core Competencies required:
• Strong Background in Advanced Web Design to include, but not be limited to:
o Core Programming and Data Base skills
o Flash
o Server Side Scripting Languages, PHP, JSP etc.
o Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Indesign

• Desire and ability to generate positive energy when working with others by:
o Exhibiting listening skills
o Respecting others
o Giving
o Caring enough to seek the best decisions and set aside personal agenda
• Ability to manage a team
• Ability to be part of a team
General Overview of Work Requirements:
Manages Positive Impact Magazine website. Maintains all aspects of PIM online person with guidance from Creative Director and delegating responsibilities to team members.

Task Lists:
• Manages and post content of www.positiveimpactmagazine.com
• Creates and edits the packaging off all content (sidebars, display type, and photo), developing engaging new ways to present our clients content, whether it's in magazine format or in a rich-media web format. This requires a strong knowledge of the latest industry trends
• Regularly consider innovative ways to use research and consumer insights to adjust our content initiatives and find new, efficient ways to reach our audience.
• Assess, augment, and cleanse customer database and lists for effective contact management, working closely with Sales Operations and Marketing
• Supports and enhances the Positive Impact Magazine brand

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