Public Relations Intern

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Company Location: Bonn, OH
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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{....}An increasing number of companies across many industries areis turning to independent sales service providers to complement or in some cases even replace their in house sales forces.

ExecuteSales is a unique online service that connects these companies and sales service providers.
ExecuteSales’ proprietary matching engine is specifically tailored to the sales business and is based on validated in-depth sales service provider profiles producing qualified and actionable results.

{....}Company background and project motivation

ExecuteSales Limited was founded in 2012 and plans to launch commercial operations in Q3 2103.

The motivation for creating this project is to gain valuable insights and identify/execute the necessary steps to create a first class market launch that allows ExecuteSales to attain its aggressive growth ambitions.

The project was setup to solve the following fundamental issues that exist in the market; that once solved will position ExecuteSales as a leader.

• Time-consuming and expensive to find and select any relevant sales service providers (SSP)
• Practically impossible to find sales people with access to and knowledge of specific target customers
• SSP s find it difficult to stay abreast of new sales assignments opportunities and promote their differentiated services

{....}Why choose this project?

This is a great opportunity for any entrepreneurial mind with strong interest in creating an internet-based business as well as marketing using online and social media: You can be part of the launch team of ExecuteSales!

Two experienced executives from the venture capital and IT/Telekoms industry founded the company in 2012. The venture is backed by senior executives from companies like Google,, Opera etc., creating a formidable team of advisors.

The project is hands-one, analytical and strategic at the same time. You can make a real difference to the direction of the company during its early days. In addition to the analytic and planning part there is also the opportunity to get involved in the execution of the strategy, which offers you significant experience and opportunity to get involved in multiple areas of the business. It will also allow you to create significant exposure of your profile through the founders’ networks.

Lastly, ExecuteSales is a unique proposition that does not exist in the market today. You will gain detailed insights into an industry that is going to explode in the coming years.


{....}Key tasks

The project’s main task is to provide insight and strategic guidelines for the overall marketing plan and the launch activities.

The first part of the project is a complete media audit, conducting an analysis of the key social media channels, existing competitor and customer communication activities as well as influencers. This task is complete with a generation of insults from this analysis.

The second part is to create strategic guidance and a high-level implementation plan for the ExecuteSales messaging, the marketing communication activities during launch and the media channels to be used (focus social media, online, and PR).

The activities need to be tackled on a per country basis for the UK, Germany and the USA. The project can therefore be broken down into individual country-specific projects.

{....}Key outputs/deliverables

• Media audit incl. insights
• Messaging strategy
• Marketing communication strategy and plan for launch
• Top priority media channels per target audience and media type (focus social media, online, and PR)


Desirable student skills/characteristics

• Entrepreneurial mind set, independent self- starter
• Strong analytical and presentation skills
• Fluency in English (German for the German market project)
• Strong Marketing background and good understanding of marketing communications
• Strong understanding of social media and the internet

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