Public Relations Internship- Remote

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i7 Marketing is an online marketing agency. We are looking for remote interns to integrate into our current corporate structure.

While i7 has a physical office and staffing in southern Oregon, it is predominantly a remote and
distributed organization with less than half of the company working there. This situation, while
common, can cause some consternation for internship directors who, for the most part, work in highly centralized, physical “brick and mortar” environments.

Interns within our public relations department will work with Marketing Coordinators and i7 Directors to write press releases, plan and implement marketing campaigns and curate content. Interns will participate in "i7 University," a program implemented by Dr. Christina McCale, to learn marketing skills that will be implemented in their work with clients.

As is famous in our industry, there are still the inevitable “other duties as assigned.” While some
internship directors may worry that this is the catchall code word for “Xeroxing, fetching coffee, and answering the phone” in this case, our corporate culture is quite different. We have a saying that “no one working for i7 is currently doing the job they were hired to do.” Movement and change is fast and constant at our firm. Employees who show promise are given additional responsibilities and the opportunities to take on new and challenging roles based on their interest and ability. So those “other duties as assigned” for us, often become the foundation for upward mobility or rewarding roles.

Our interns are an important aspect of the i7 team. Their time is valued and their work appreciated. Interns will leave i7 Marketing with resumes built and professional references.

Course Credit is available. We are wiling to work with universities and programs to provide necessary documentation.


Writing Press Releases
Social Media Posting and Interaction
Blogger Engagement
Researching Media Lists
Compiling Marketing Reports


Must be pursuing a Bachelors degree. Special preference will be given to students who are pursuing a degree in Communications, Marketing or Business.

Submit resume, cover letter and writing sample.

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