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Valuepon delivers custom discount deals, coupons and free giveaways to consumers while allowing our business merchants to maintain profitable customers. The company is a seed venture; meaning it has not started selling and is still in the process of getting its web site development going. The company is a California private "C" stock corporation and has 5 shareholders and 2 executives who run the company. This internship is for a Public Relations position. You will report directly to the C.E.O. This position is a non-paid internship. There's no requirement for this internship to travel and meet with the C.E.O., Scott Sorgent. The intern will need an Internet connection and the ability to email and talk with the C.E.O., Scott Sorgent, either through a free Internet-based telephony service like SKYPE, mobile cell or home phone.


This position requires submission of digital and paper press releases and press kits to newspapers, magazines and news reporting web sites, posting on forums and blogs, and representing the Valuepon Corporation on news and television stations when the CEO can't make interviews. Upon successful completion of the internship, the candidate can receive a letter of recommendation in addition to the possibilities of paid employment and stock ownership in a fast-growing company.


Good communications, appearance and commitment to follow through and keep perfect attendance in work and progress. Students or interns must be at least 16 years of age and may need a work permit for future employment.

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