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VAIN LLC Public Relations Intern Description/Responsibilities
The goal of an internship in public relations is to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world situations, as well as gain the skills and experience that is necessary to prepare the student for a successful career in publicity.

POSITION PURPOSE: We encourage creativity and innovation in order to expand and develop current national initiatives and programs. The idea of this internship is not to get “pigeonholed” into one set project or task, but to be able to encourage the intern to utilize his or her strengths, as every individual has a different area of passion, knowledge, and expertise. The goal for our team is to provide a comprehensive, valued, and positive internship experience with an open line of communication on how our team can continue to take VAIN LLC to new heights. We are seeking individuals with tremendous passion and drive, individuals who demonstrate confidence in communication, and encompass the ability to take initiative and showcase project leadership on a daily basis. We are dedicated to finding interns who are humble and willing to work for the betterment of the VAIN reader experience.
VAIN LLC Public Relations Highlights: Public Relations interns at VAIN LLC are given the necessary opportunity to develop marketing campaigns; research, book and schedule celebrity appearances; provide media training; and manage brand image and perception. This internship is entirely dedicated to providing its students with real world experience before getting into the field post-graduation.
Internship Overview: Internships are professional experiences that students participate in to gain professional skills and experiences. Internships are structured as learning experiences that combine in-class theory with real-world applications. The Intern assists VAIN LLC for public relations and marketing, helping to expand clients’ profits and increase visibility. The public relations/marketing intern will work directly below the public relations/marketing manager. It is VAIN LLC’s goal to instill the basic teachings of marketing and public relations. We hope it is a beneficial relationship for both parties.


(Internship, specific responsibilities may include):
• Write, edit and release press releases and various copies
• Research, fact check and collect data for various materials
• Build and maintain media lists for event markets
• Monitor and organize media placements
• Correspond with the media to pitch stories via e-mail and phone
• Multi-task and prioritize to set and meet deadlines
• Meet these deadlines by working at a quick & steady pace while still
• maintaining quality/error free work
• Effectively communicate with all levels of staff and external audiences
• Participate in brainstorming and strategizing sessions
• Assist with media relations, including pitching, researching and scheduling interviews
if needed
• Assist with organization of executive photos, photo opportunities and events
• Coordinating with PR team to ensure that all communications—whether e-mailed, entered on the Website, or distributed through social media, and either text, image, or video—have a consistent message.
• Attend VAINLLC wide meetings, including regular intern briefings about VAIN LLC.
• Data collection and preparation for future campaigns such as helping with media guides for VAIN LLC or putting together media credential applications and quick facts.
REPORTING LINE: The Intern reports directly to the VAIN LLC Public Relations and Social Media Manager
QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to be highly organized and have good planning skills. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to work with diverse populations and those with special needs or limitations.
TIME COMMITMENT: The Intern will work a variety of different hours depending on the time of the year and if a hiring period is scheduled. The Intern can expect to work 10-15 hours in a typical week. We honor the 20-minute break for each 4-hour shift worked (including back-to-back shifts). For further information on the 20-minute break, please review the Intern/Employee Guidelines.
EVALUATIONS: Performed by the Assistant Director of HR-Student Development
COMPENSATION: Non-Paid / College Credit


1. Strong organization and communication skills.
2. Ability to work independently and as a team.
3. Possess and exhibit a strong and genuine interest in working with people and the ability to interact at all levels of the organization
4. Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
5. Journalism/PR major or equivalent
6. Relevant coursework in the field of public relations
7. Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and AP Style
8. Knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop preferred
9. Possess journalistic curiosity and energy, particularly within the triathlon industry
10. INTERN MUST BE ABLE TO WRITE A CLEAR, CONCISE and INFORMATIVE PRESS RELEASE. Please submit 2 samples with application!
11. Excellent writing skills including syntax, usage, and creativity.
12. Command of Microsoft Office, Internet, and e-mail applications.
13. Command of and interest in social media.

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