Social Media Director

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Company Location: Durham, NC
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Critter.Co is a personal growth and life coaching app. It provides quantified self tools in a playful atmosphere.

Critter.Co needs your help to grow! Help us perfect our product-market fit, connect with our community about what they're looking for, improve our tools and spread the word!


+ Build community through social networks
+ Talk directly with fans and customers to gain a better understanding of what they want
+ Run contests and games to grow fan base
+ Connect with target market on forums and blog posts outside of Critter.Co, to build Critter community
+ Track and report the ROI of all social media pursuits

Responsibilities may include other pursuits depending on candidate's strengths. Potential responsibilities include: post on the Critter.Co blog, talk directly with customers to hone product-market fit, write copy, test user interface and make recommendations.



+ Be kind, honest, high integrity - in line with the "be your best you" philosophy of Critter.Co
+ Have working understanding of Twitter, Facebook and Google
+ Enjoy social media
+ Enjoy personal growth, be able to identify with Critter.Co's mission and purpose

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