Too ambitious, hardworking, and entrepreneurial for Corporate?

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Any Garment Cleaners,
1444 Marlton Pike East
Cherry Hill, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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13-year old successful company with 4 retail locations just outside Philadelphia in Southern, New Jersey. Main office located 10 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. 

Position open for someone who can simply increase company's Gross Sales. No experience necessary. Only will fit the company mold if you are a grinder. Hire will develop comprehensive Marketing iniatives to tinker with in order to bear measurable results.

This will be a great challenge and requires the responsibility of NOT being micromanaged. Unique opportunity for someone of high character. 

Opportunity for someone who specifically seeks mentorship from an established successful business owner. Small businesses fail, and you want to learn why entrepreneurial spirit cannot save them.

Opportunities open to all categories of Applicants: PAID employment. Internship on path to PAID employment. Internship for School Credit. Combination of credit/pay. 


You will NOT be labelled as the "Intern." The level of accountability will be made crystal clear upon our initial meeting. Please re-read the above "Requirements" Field.

Day 1 with company: Absorb what it took to transform an entrepreneurial venture into a brand entering it's 14th year. All traditional marketing practices have made us the brand leader. We have made a great climb into new technology media marketing, strictly using the tools with quantitative results.

New offline initiatives must be carried out. Need your feedback on how to efficiently do so. Lastly, I need your plan to plug any holes in the company's Online media presence. Moving forward you will have complete autonomy regarding this (online commercials, SEO, Web Content, ect).

So that's Day 1. Looking forward to meeting the few brave who truly want to witness immediate results in an Anti-Corporate setting.


Position for College Graduates or current students. No experience necessary. Any Major welcome. Simply bring your talents, whatever they may be and together we'll make them equate to measurable results

Goal is to increase company's Gross Sales. This will be a great challenge and requires the responsibility of NOT being micromanaged. Unique opportunity for someone of high character. 

Sounds like the Dream Job, right?

Although a tremendous opportunity, it's not for most people. It's solely for a winner who wants to learn and prove they can take the wheel of representing a decorated small business, which will continue to plow though this Recession. Entire staff does NOT watch the clock, count hours worked, and tackle weekends.

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