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Keanr, Inc.
604 Arizona Avenue
Santa Monica, CA
Posted: June 11 2015
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 10 Part-time, Unpaid

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A new stealth internet startup company in the mobile sector., founded in 2013, seeks to enrich the user's social life. Keanr is located at the old Google Campus in Santa Monica, California, walking distance to the beach and promenade. We are currently hiring summer interns who are looking to get hands on experience with the founding senior team of an early stage technology startup.

This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a company that is just starting to take off. Rockstar candidates may receive co-founding notability, salary, and stock options. Please note that this internship will be unpaid. You will be compensated through a variety of unique opportunities which range from educational to networking with numerous entrepreneurs and VC and Angel Investors. This is a great way to establish a foundation within the LA and Silicon Valley start-up community. Some interns may work virtually.

Goal—what will you get out of this program? At least the skills and experience to confidently launch your own company or work at a high-level within an already existing one.

Full disclosure, we seek to have candidates lead a range of work flow—from strategic work that will stretch you/challenge and match your interests--to tactical work that will not be overly enriching/exciting, but is necessary to move things along with a startup…any many things in between. Every member of the team should be prepared to support and/or lead any aspect of the business regardless of their particular interests (but we will do our best to match your skills and interests to your area of focus).

Some select selling points on this opportunity

-Great additions to your career development story and education
-Network contacts from the LA and Silicon Valley Startup and Venture Capital Ecosystem
-A true lean startup education with rapid results and fluid adjustments to market research
-Team experience with varied backgrounds, interests, etc
-Opportunities to connect with career/education mentors
-Unique opportunity to make the case for your own ideas and have them implemented (this will likely NOT happen with corporate programs)
-Opportunities to impress our investors which will increase your chances of getting them to fund a startup you launch!


We need a dynamic and energetic individuals to help support efforts in marketing, research, design, public relations, journalism, communications, social media, sales, and business development.

The ideal candidate is highly intelligent, confident, resourceful, driven, dynamic and open to the longterm possibility of joining the team with a equity/salary stake.

You'll be joining an entrepreneurial team of hard-working and creative people who are passionate about building something great! This truly is a unique opportunity to drive the growth efforts in the early stages of a funded tech startup.

What to expect:

Supporting the development and execution of a public product launch.

This will be a true entrepreneurial experience in that interns will be expected to be self-reliant with an information-seeking ethic (intellectual curiosity), etc. There will also be plenty of coaching and guidance from the founding team. This is a STARTUP. This means the work you are doing is ACTUALLY ADDING VALUE, but at the same time, we don’t have the resources of corporate programs to hand-hold daily...this should be the impressive story you want to tell future employers/stakeholders in your career.
We hate clichés, but subscribe heavily to “don’t come to us with problems, come to us with solutions” aka your assessment of the problem and your recommended solution with the rationale. The ideal candidate doesn’t come to us with problems, but displays resiliency and leadership by bringing forward recommendations and creative solutions that help grow the business. We believe this is how you improve your leadership ethic (see Fuqua principles etc). The goal is also to have someone who can learn quickly and adjust as our business and the opportunities will increase and change at a rapid pace once the platform goes live.
It’s also ideal for candidates interested in proving to other early stage companies across any industry (Knewton, airBnb, Uber, lot18, foursquare, Fab, Skillshare) that they have “startup DNA” and have proven they can add value to a startup in the early stages of their operation. If you don’t realize how valuable this is, you likely won’t be driven enough to fit in well at our startup.

We look forward to your application and a potential business relationship.


The Team


Preferred - Advertising, Excel, PHP, User Interface Design, Adobe Photoshop, User Experience Design, Brand Developement, Digital Storytelling, Pitch Development, Attraction Marketing

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