Acquisitions Editor Internship Opportunity

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Vision House Publishers is the publisher for Visions Christian Magazine. We are a quarterly Christian publication. We publish books and periodicals. We advertise Christian businesses, and feature well-knowned gospel artists, authors and ministries.

We need an Acquisitions Editor to acquire manuscripts for our publishing house.


Acquiring books by choosing unsolicited manuscripts that has the most commercial promise. Accepting novels for publication and determining correct purchase price of book.
Acquisitions editor must be able to assess how a book compares to existing titles released by our company (as well as its competitors) and identify how the project offers a unique slant that will enable it to stand out. Acquisitions editor must also make judgments regarding a writer's participation in the marketing process, how prolific the writer is (i.e., a new book every 6 months vs. every 15 years), how cooperative the writer will be to work with, and how well the writer will "show" in media events and book signings.


Must have good math skills. excellent communication skills, as well as persuasive speaking abilities to "sell" the publisher and the marketing department on a project's long-term merits and contributions to the corporate vision.

Bachelor's degree in procurement and accounting preferred.

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