Acquisitions Editor for Book Publishing Company

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Silver Knight Publishing
Company Location: Orlando, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Traditional book publisher, currently seeking an intern who is driven and passionate about reading, editing, and writing. As an acquisitions editor you will be learning the ins-and-outs of the beginning phase of publishing--submissions!

You will be reviewing actual manuscript submissions, using skills to spot editing and grammatical errors in order to come to decisions on whether a title is suitable for publication. Full details will be provided upon acceptance. You will be trained on exactly what you are looking for when going through submissions. As your skill with this position progresses, you will have the opportunity to communicate directly with each author, providing them with response to their submission, while occasionally suggesting input toward changes to improve their work.

Intern must be able to provide written reasons as to why they are accepting or declining a submission. This is where a keen eye to detail comes into play and enjoyment of reading. (You may be handling initial submissions of up to 3 chapters of a story, or full-length manuscripts--the entire story)

This position is virtual and tasks, as well as communication will be online. Hours are very flexible and jobs can be completed around your school and activities.


-- Reviewing both initial, and full-length manuscript submissions.

-- Utilizing editing skills to determine quality of a submission.

-- Communicating not only with the publisher, but with authors as well.

-- Writing a summary (does not need to exceed more than a paragraph or two) after each submission on your reasoning for accepting or declining. (This is not only for the author's benefit, but so that we can review your progress and abilities as an intern)


-- Must have a strong passion for reading (we take great pride in the books we publish and are seeking someone who will take pride in their review of each manuscript)

-- Must have a keen eye to spot a poorly written manuscript, and in turn the ability to determine literary quality (a well-written manuscript with little error)

-- Must be able to write a summary after reading each submission, stating your reasons for accepting/declining the work

-- Must be a positive worker with good communication skills

-- Intern must be currently enrolled in school (this opening is unpaid for college credit)

-- Proficiency in Microsoft Word

-- Must have Skype installed for communication with our company outside of e-mails

-- Must be able to set times to meet on Skype for additional instruction, training, or general communications (flexible times revolving around your schooling)

-- **Every intern must sign a contract with our company, to state they are working as an unpaid intern for college credit** This contract must be mailed to us via postal mail (this is the only time you will be required to mail any documents)

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