Internship – Medical Writing / Journalism ( Internship Program)

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InPress Media Group, LLC is an independent digital media and publishing company headquartered in Arizona. The company develops a variety of publications for the high-technology, solar energy, life science, pharmaceutical industries and other medical, science and technical specialties. InPress Media Group properties include Solar Channel, Future of Fabrication (FoF), SolarCurator, 3DInCites, OncoZine - The International Cancer Network (ISSN 2168-5339) and ADC Review / Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates (ISSN 2327-0152). The company also collaborates with Cancer Radio (iHeart Talk Radio, W4CS and W4WN) and Oncology/Hematology TV.

InPress Media Group, LLC is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for the 2014 Medical Writing/Journalism Internship Program. The InPress internship program is a paid, part-time opportunity available to students working on advanced degrees in journalism, media, broadcasting and/or life sciences who are interested in joining our editorial team to assist in developing news articles and features, manuscripts, radio cue sheets/scripts, program excerpts and educational materials for Onco’Zine, ADC Review and Cancer Radio.

The InPress internship program blends real world experience with an extensive overview of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. It is designed to gain experience in medical writing and journalism and learn how social media, marketing communication, publishing and medical journalism/writing are integrated. Knowledgeable mentors will provide guidance and additional training as the student gains professional hands-on experience.


The InPress internship program allows the student to assist in generating story ideas for Onco’Zine, ADC Review and Cancer Radio. The student will also assist with editorial projects and provide support to the editorial team:
• Help in content development (draft writing; Inverted pyramid; AMA style);
• Assisting with proofreading both hard and electronic files, basic copyediting and citation development;
• Assisting with literature research (e.g. Medline, PubMed, Mbase, etc)
• Work on special projects, as needed

Potential projects may include:
• Assisting with writing news stories and features for Onco’Zine, ADC Review and Cancer Radio;
• Updating the physician and patient information and resource sections on Onco’Zine based on National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) material;
• Participating in the creation of cue sheets (pre broadcast) for and excerpts (post broadcast) of Cancer Radio programs developed in collaboration with Onco’Zine;
• Assist in (medical/pharma) writing as projects arise.


• Must be enrolled in a U.S. accredited university for the semester before and immediately following the internship.
• At a minimum, must be pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and have completed their sophomore year.
• Major in communications, journalism, a scientific discipline, public relations, English, business communications, or communication arts is preferred.

Other Requirements:
• Confidence conducting interviews with oncologists, hematologists and other healthcare professionals involved in the management and care of patients with cancer;
• Able to demonstrate multi-tasking ability;
• Self-motivated and able to work independently;
• Able to pitch stories and ideas;
• Experience/interest in writing news stories discussing all aspects cancer diagnosis and treatment, inverted pyramid/AMA style;
• Familiarity or proficiency with website development and maintenance (Onco’Zine/ADC Review).
• A solid understanding of medical, life science and pharmaceutical terminology, life sciences, and/or communications is preferred;
• Knowledge of life sciences and pharmaceutical sciences (e.g. drug design and synthesis, mechanisms of drug action, pharmacology and toxicology, dosage formulation, manufacturing/cGMP, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance) desirable;
• The ideal candidate exhibits strong analytical, problem-solving, and oral and written communication skills; he or she also possesses a ‘can-do’ attitude (nothing is ‘unimportant’), has the ability to works well in teams, can effectively manage multiple projects, present ideas clearly and concisely and is able to meet deadlines.

Travel requirements:
• Travel to select medical conferences/society meetings may be required

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