Photographer Internship

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Various locations
Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Penphoria is an Atlanta-based writing and publishing company that specializes in creating, drafting, editing, proofreading, restructuring, and revising academic, artistic, business, career, creative, literary, music, technical, and web-based writing. Our goal for every project is to ensure its contents are grammatically, mechanically, and structurally sound. In addition, Penphoria will produce, direct, and release fictional and nonfictional stage plays, documentaries, films, television, and web-based series adapted from internal and external literary works.

Penphoria is seeking an organized and aspiring photographer interns who can think on their feet and would like an opportunity to strengthen their professional experience and portfolio by working with Penphoria as a staff photographer. The photographer intern will have a unique opportunity to work with the Penphoria team to capture candid moments with members of our Penphoria Etiquette and Arts Program (PEAP) as well as clients and partners.


- Photographer interns must shoot photos of Penphoria staff, PEAP members, volunteers, partners, and other constituents
- Photographer interns must provide on-location photography work for various Penphoria events, seminars, and workshops
- Photographer interms must collaborate with the Penphoria team on creative photography shots, poses, and ideas for photo shoots
- Photographer interns must know how to edit, develop, enhance, and print photos for print or online purposes as needed
- Photographer interns must assist the Penphoria team with selecting photos for various uses
- Photographer interns must know how to watermark photos with predetermined logos or notes


- Photographer interns must be college students or recent graduates working towards or having obtained a BA/BS or higher degree in film, photography, visual arts, or other related fields.
- Photographer interns must be flexible and available to work on an "on-call" basis based on mutual and reasonable scheduling opportunities.
- Photographer interns should have experience with event photography, performance photography, lighting, good communication skills and a portfolio of examples. Experience in videography is a plus.
- Photographer interns must have their own equipment to execute all facets of photography work
- Must be self-directed, reliable, detailed-oriented, organized, and maniacally focused in planning and implementing tasks
and duties related to role
- Must possess interpersonal communication skills to perform effectively and optimally
- Must be motivated, enthusiastic, quick learner, team player, and creative self-starter who takes initiative
- Preferable major in Film Production or other majors that require production, editing, lighting, sound. Majors in
photography, film, communications and are encouraged to apply.
- Possess excellent videographer skills along with the knowledge of available technologies to post and share videos?

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