Publishing Intern

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Kingdom Consultants
Posted: 688 days ago
Company Location: Portsmouth, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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This position will work with owners to assist clients in Self-Publishing their book. Intern will assist with project management in coordinating all aspects of the publishing including securing copyright and ISBN numbers, working with editors and graphic designers, registering book with industry agencies, etc. Training is provided.

Ideal candidate is motivated, ambitious and passionate about the Publishing or editing field. Some experience is preferred, but not required. The intern will be required to possess the following attributes: Attention to detail, research skills and ability to work effectively under deadlines and independently. This position is a virtual one, so this position is not limited to the geographic area of our office. In addition to self-publishing training, the candidate will receive real world work scenarios that will equip them with the experience and preparation to know what to expect upon entering into the workforce. This is a non-paid position, however, upon successful completion of the internship, each candidate’s work performance will be evaluated and there may be opportunities for freelance positions with our companies.


The goal of our internship program is to serve as a real-work experience training ground to individuals that are passionate about their chosen field. Our desire is that through this internship, they will gain valuable work experience that will better position them against other candidates, enabling them to successfully break into their chosen field.

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