Web Publishing and Research Internship

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Company Location: Fremont, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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Internship job description:

ideal candidates
High school and college students who are interested in gaining real life experience in web publishing using Wordpress, and those who cares about the environment, health and sustainable transportation.

The company: The most popular global news portal on electric car and plug-in hybrids. It main mission is to help promote sustainable transportation.
Our portal are visited by thousands of visitors daily from around the world. We have about 30,000 subscribers who periodically receive our news summary.

Title: College/high school internship on web publishing.

No monetary compensation but...
Great opportunity to work on real world problem on the leading news web site in the world that promotes sustainable transportation.
Learn from the founder about web publishing using Word Press, the most popular web publishing tool in the world.
Your editorialized post could be viewed by more than 30,000 subscribers around the world.
You will receive reference and recommendation on your next job
Work from home or anywhere anytime in the world.

If interested, please email info@4evriders.org or contact us at http://www.4evriders.org/contact-us/

You can learn about us at http://www.4evriders.org/about-us/
David Lo

founder, MBA, MS,
Founder of http://www.4evriders.org http://www.halffull.tv and http://www.halfempty.tv
Author of 2 ebooks - Steve Job and Happiness.


list of tasks
select relevant news on the internet (news.google.com) and post snippets on 4ev
Add editorial to the news postings
Research and implement search engine optimization
Research and implement google ad optimization
Research and propose grant opportunities


Basic computer and internet web browsing skills
Internet access to research, search, and post relevant news articles
Minimum commitment is 3-6 months
Minimal hours 1/day or 10 /week
Reliable, dependable, willing to learn and innovate
Ability to read and write in English

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