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illDOME is a generation. And it's changing society.

illDOME, short for "I'll Do Me", might as well be the theme song for this generation of youth. Individuality is on the rise. We don't only accept differences, we acknowledge them. Boundaries for what is considered cool, acceptable and normal have been eliminated by this generation. The new "cool" is being naturally you, whatever it is you are. Being true to your own style and your own personality is now more attractive that it EVER HAS been in the past.

Who is in Generation illDOME?

In the past setting a trend meant having others like what you wear or do, and naturally leading them to just copy you. Today, the trendsetters are still starting trends. These trends are actually more addicting and convincing then ever before. But the difference is in todays generation the "trends" that are being started aren't driving others to copy people. Instead the trend is to embrace yourself and find pride in who you are. The trends themselves are inspiring others to find their own image, style and voice. True generation illDOME's get a little bothered by people who have not come to terms with this evolution just yet… the people who still rely on others to see what is cool, or "in." Welcome to the new world, whats you is in. And ironically, the more YOU you are, the more IN you become. If you are in generation "I'll do me" then this concept comes quite naturally. You understand what is happening around you. That is why we are representing generation illDOME. We are lucky to be the youth in this time of social evolution. We are growing up in a generation where different is good.
Hiring for a blog posting position with Writer must submit 3 blog posts per week on the topic of individuality.


Position requires:
-completing three blog posts per week
-aiding with social media campaigns
-complete involvement in the illDOME vision


-Must be under the age of 25
-Must associate with the "I'll Do Me" generation
-Possess excellent writing abilities
-Must provide writing samples and resume

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