The Industry

Are you looking for publishing internships or entry-level publishing jobs? Publishers are the people behind the scenes who handle the tasks of finding and working with authors, generating business plans, developing and pushing out books or magazines to print and digital channels, and managing marketing and promotion before and after publication. If you love books and media, and are excited by the idea of being part of the creative process, then you may thrive in a publishing role.

The Internship

Many publishing interns will be pursuing degrees in journalism, communications, or English. To have a leg up, it helps to have experience with graphics software or in leading writing workshops. A publishing internship will give you experience with a more specific area of publishing. If you choose to pursue an editorial internship, you may review manuscript submissions with an editor or help find pre-publication reviewers. In a publishing internship, you may write press releases or develop copy for publicity materials.

Most involved in the publishing industry have some familiarity with every area of publishing but will have a primary area of focus. Graduate degrees, work experience, and publishing internships can go a long way toward opening doors in this industry.

The Career Options

As with many industries, publishing has seen major disruptions in the past two decades due to the Internet and other new technologies. Traditional publishers of books, magazines, and newspapers have transformed into multimedia companies. You might work in an editorial department and interact directly with authors during the creative process. There are many other related fields such as literary agents, distributors, booksellers, and even bloggers that all play a role in today’s publishing ecosystem.

The Outlook

All the disruption in the industry has made the publishing job market more competitive than ever. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in editing is projected to decline 5% over the next decade. Employment in writing is expected to grow 2%, which is slower than average.

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