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A radio produce is responsible for the making of a radio show. From initial concept, to booking guests, to directing on-air talent, to working the soundboard to a broadcast, he has his hand in every aspect of his show.

Radio producers are employed at radio stations across the United States. They are also employed at satellite radio broadcasters such as XM Radio and Sirius. Additionally, online web-based radio broadcasters employ radio producers. A candidate who seeks this role may apply directly to the company> openings sometimes are found in newspaper classifieds sections or general online job-search boards. Professional organizations such as the Association of Independents in Radio and trade unions such as the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists provide a lot of resources and offer networking opportunities for members. Niche-industry specific websites and job boards such as and are also effective.


A radio producer keeps her show on schedule. She is responsible for planning a show. She lines up and confirms guests for a show. She works with marketing department to carry out promotions. She also confers with legal department to ensure on-air compliance with local, state and federal rules and regulations. She directs the show. She screens phone calls during a call-in show. She edits taped interviews and conversations. She may run a soundboard. She may organize remote broadcasts. She writes scripts. She may participate in the show as an on-air personality.


Qualitative Requirements

A radio producer must be aggressive because as radio is a competitive industry. He must be very organized and pay attention to details. He must be a good researcher, finding out all details he can for potentials guests and stories. He must stay abreast of current events. He must diplomatically work as a go-between for on-air talent and station management. He must also have enough professional experience to know how to do everyone else's job should he have to do it. He should be able to delegate responsibility.

Educational Requirements

A radio producer must come with professional experience.

Though a four-year college degree is not required to become a radio producer, many employers prefer candidates to possess a college degree within radio broadcasting, media production or a related field. Educational courses within these fields of study may also be taken at junior colleges and proprietary schools. The candidate must have radio experience below the level of producer.

From Overseer:

This is an unpaid internship, possibly unpaid to paid.... depending on the experience and review of the performance. There is a 30-day to 90-day probation period. This is a global/virtual opportunity. It may be local depending on your location. This internship will allow you college credit, improving your resume and portfolio.

if interested you must provide references (at least three ...submit by replying to this message)

Please contact overseer @ 501-301-4261 | Ms. Sampson

Office Hours: 24/ days a week (If you receive the answering service, leave your name, job title, and your contact information we will call you back within 24 hours), thank you.

You will have one week from your internship application date with us.... to comply with all that is requested for the internship opportunity.

Make sure to have the following updated on your internship profile.

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