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Voice over artists demonstrate their talents in a recording studio. Voice over artists demonstrate their talents in a recording studio.

Voice over artists use their vocal abilities and speaking voice to narrate a film or bring a character to life. To work as a voice over artist, you must have a strong voice with good diction, characterization, inflection, tone and microphone technique. Steady work for a voice over artist is rare, and actors are often paid on a per job basis.



Voice over artists who work in commercials are responsible for promoting a product or service, or delivering a message. The voice over artist is often hired, because of their voice and how it relates to a product. More dramatic commercials, such as life insurnace, may hire an artist with a deep and serious voice, while commercials for vacations or amusement parks could go with an artist who has a more expressive and fun-loving intonation.


Cartoons need artists to create the voices for their characters in television shows and movies. In some instances, the voice over artist will use their natural voice, diction and intonation to give life to a character, while others create interesting and unique voices to create characters. On some television shows, artists will use their talents to voice various characters.


Voice over artists also provide the narration for documentaries. While documentaries may use the subject of the film to narrate the piece, voice over artists may also be hired to dictate the tone of the material. The documentary is scripted and voice over artists may watch the images on screen as they voice the narrative. This gives them a feel for the subject matter and offers an opportunity to determine the best tone and vocal quality.

Book on Tape

Voice over artists can also find work opportunities by lending their voice to a book on tape. An author of a book may sometimes use their voice to make their words come to life, but publishing companies may also look for outside talent to read and record the words on a page. After reading the book and analyzing the material, a voice over artist will be brought into the studio where the words will be recorded.


. Must live in one of the following cities in Arkansas (North Little Rock, Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville)
. Must Provide 3 references
. Must Provide Portfolio

Comfortable in an Online Recording Studio, Ability to put voice ....over music. Must have the appropriate audio editing software for voiceovers.

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