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Company Overview:
RSG Commercial, Inc. is a certified 8(a) small business, specializing in commercial appraisals, valuations and advisory services. Since 1996, RSG has completed over 30,000 assignments for corporations, institutional banks and lenders, as well as federal, state, and county agencies.

RSG Commercial is considered among vendors as one of the most trusted and respected valuation service providers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our range of skills, resources, proprietary technology, and professional relationships, allow us to complete assignments and provide advisement timely and professionally. This level of organization also allows us the ability to fulfill, in a timely and professional manner, the requirements of Federal Agencies.

At RSG Commercial, we understand information in today's environment is becoming increasingly more transparent. While it is still important to maintain the best sources of data possible, what sets RSG Commercial apart, is our ability to transform raw data into reports, analysis, and advisement that can help you with the important decisions.

Intern Role:
General Responsibilities:
• Report Preparation for evaluations and summary appraisal reports
• Creating digital and hard files
• Schedule property visits for Chief Appraiser
• Photograph properties as needed
• Assign receivables/log jobs
• Troubleshoot with Tech Support as needed
• Provide additional support to appraisal report team as requested
• Attend internal team meetings
• Design and implement a marketing plan


A typical day in the life of a new hire would vary from day to day depending on what projects we are working on and the necessities of such project. Meeting with our office manager in the morning is routine to discuss projects that we are currently working on and items that need to be completed. Much of the time spent in the beginning is "shadowing" the office manager who currently handles a gambit of tasks due to our growth model. We are slowly allocating jobs to new employees so there is some specialty involved.


Required Education/Skills:
• Moderate skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint)
• Experience with Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +)
• Strong attention to detail
• Good organizational skills
• Must be able to make minor website content modification (joomla, wordpress)
• Ability to manage time effectively
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Work cooperatively with a team, as well as independently
• Focus to prioritize and multitask a high volume of work
• Eager to learn and gain additional skills and responsibilities
• Open to completing appraisal institute courses in down time

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