Commercial Real Estate Broker - Understudy/Assistant/High Exposure to Industry

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I am a commercial real estate broker specializing in retail and land brokerage and I've gotten so busy that I need additional help. I am looking for an intern to help me with daily activities, including, but not limited to: talking to clients, negotiating deals, calling on new business, driving different properties, etc. The commercial RE community is very difficult to break into, but it is generally a small group who gets along fairly well with each other. I am well-known and liked in the industry and spending time with me provides great exposure to the industry and its people. Relationships matter most and that's what I try so hard to focus on every day.


The intern will work closely with me while I negotiate and process deals, communicate with clients, brokers, developers, etc., drive to sites to look at real estate and run around dealing with various issues.


Experience is not required, but it would be a positive. I am OK with somebody looking to get into the industry or someone who is generally interested in how commercial RE works. The obvious 'must-haves' are a high level of computer literacy, including new technology. I'm very focused on relationships, so personality and interpersonal skills are a must.

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