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M&M Title Research
Company Location: Largo, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Full-time, Unpaid

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We have an unpaid internships available immediately. Based on your experience.
Wanted, a highly motivated, enthusiastic self starter graduate student with a great attitude, to act as executive assistant of a new real estate investing business unit.

Your responsibilities will be to assist the President with development and documentation of the business system and operations for a TITLE operation. This will include everything from managing the owner and supporting team members with tasks related to startup operational projects - inclusive of managing presidents calendar, meeting scheduling, org charts, mind maps, swim lane maps, process flows, workflow, performance testing, scoring procedures, & more.

You'll need a lap top, be highly organized, a clear communicator, a burning desire, and have a natural sense of creating a professional Co, with an edgy culture. This is a cloud based company.
Your responsibilities will be to work with mgmnt team to develop all the operations for this new unit.

If you are top of your class, have a keen sense of operations, and are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding internship where you'll have executive type responsibilities, this is it... ** May convert quickly to full time employment.

We're a virtual company in TB area of Florida. You can work from home in your PJ's if you wish, but you'll need to be accountable and meet deadlines.

Task requires a creative friendly intern to also recruit and interview intern prospects, and more.

Your opportunity will be to work along side our international team in a supporting role, with limited project assignments based on your experience, expertise, and skill level.

You will have creative license to provide input and content as it relates to business requirements as you learn our operational style. There’s lot's of work. The opportunity for a full time position for the right person(s) are readily available.

This is a virtual company based in Treasure Island FL, where you will work in a remote environment from home or school using online collaboration tools like Skype, TeamworkPM, Yammer, Amazon S3, Project collaboration tools, and project management software.

We are looking ONLY for that individual willing to go the extra mile, with an inner passion to excel in this fast growing field. You must have unlimited creativity, an open mind, massive desire to excel, ability to blast thru daily obstacles, with minimal supervision in a virtual workforce.
Did I mention unlimited creativity and fearless approach to be the best.


- Assist in managing projects and digital design operations
- Assist in management, research, communication and coordination of implementations
- Assist during online meetings, planning, social events, media and more
- Oversee blog and social media network presence
- Handle valuable clients with expertise !
- ** We will test your skills on multiple projects to find your natural talents and strengths


- MBA Majors (preferred)
- Possess excellent written and verbal communication
- Possess multi-tasking and coordination experience
- Possess abilities to create process maps of your work and or projects
- Passion and definiteness of purpose for your career interests - actively involved in forums & community.
- Demonstrate attention to details while maintaining perspective

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